Transcript of the Old Guildfordians Webmaster and Heath in New York

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Transcript of the Old Guildfordians Webmaster and Heath in New York

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Friday, 28 May 1999

Transcript of the Old Guildfordians Webmaster and Heath in New York

Years at GGS: Year 3 (1987) to Year 12 (May 1996)
House: Woodbridge House
Personal achievements: Captain of Drama 1996, School honors for drama, represented School in Rock Eisteddfod, Year 11 house monitor.
Sporting achievements: 1st XI Hockey 1994, 95; represented School in Combined PSA Hockey 1994, 95; State hockey representation 1993, 94 & 95.

During your school days, what was the main factor that pointed you towards an acting career?
I guess my determination to beat the odds. I mean a few teachers at school tried at every opportunity to discourage my participation in drama, basically telling me I was wasting my time. That kind of made me angry and determined to prove I could achieve the goals I set for myself.

How have you learned the skills of your profession?
I have always been attracted to acting as a profession and have been totally interested in every aspect of it. If you are interested in something and you enjoy it, then learning is easier. I learn from other actors, directors, crew members, camera and sound operators, everyone... it's part of the 'University of Life' open to us all. Staying focused on what you want is absolutely necessary.

What event would you identify as leading to your first significant break into the world of acting in Australia?
And was there also such an event you could identify for the US scene for you? Probably the Australian TV series 'Sweat' where I played a young gay Olympic cycling prospect, it was quite a challenging role for the time. My introduction to U.S. audiences was via the Universal-Fox TV series 'Roar' in which I had the lead. The series was short lived, but it did give me excellent exposure in the U.S.

What genre of film will you be looking out for over the next 5 years?
Projects which will build a strong personal CV for my future. I need to have a personal 'feel' for the script before I go any further. I read many, but sometimes to my detriment decide not to participate. The ones I do like I'll prepare well for, then put everything into getting the role. There have been some major personal disappointments, but that's very much a part of this life and you must 'steel yourself' and be able to accept rejection and get on with it.

Some Aussie actors have said that the daily schedules of work on Australian sets are much tougher than in America. Have you found this?
Work schedules on all projects are much the same however the markets are different. In Australia budgets, time constraints tend to be tighter. It puts greater pressure on cast and crew to perform regardless of weather conditions, location problems or whatever. This translates into a different work tempo. I love the Australian film industry and those sorts of challenges are interesting.

What are you enjoying about American life?
I love the vibrant cities and the enthusiasm Americans have.... for America. I like to hang out in Manhattan where it's an easy walk to great theater, cinema or a Starbuck's coffeehouse. I could easily make this my base.

Is the Australian film industry achieving more credibility in the US?
The Australian film industry has always commanded a great deal of respect. Hey! we produced some of the first movies ever. American producers as being innovative often discuss the Australian Government film initiatives. Australia just doesn't have the population base, but it does produce a lot of great talent (actors, producers, directors, writers etc.) for its size.

What is your next major role and what challenges will you face in its portrayal?
I play the lead in the modern adaptation of a 14th century piece called 'A Knights Tale '. It has an interesting story line about a jousting troupe. The music is hip and it really hasn't been tried before. Thatís the challenge! It will be filmed in Prague for four months beginning early May 2000, again for Colombia Pictures.

Up until now what has been your favorite memory as an actor?
There have been many... but probably the most rewarding was being able to get up and keep going after being 'pipped for the lead' in a movie that I wanted and did more than 50 hours of auditioning. I then got the title role in 'The Patriot' with Mel Gibson, which comes out in July 2000.

Heath, thank you very much for talking to us.
You're welcome. And I hope the OGs' new website goes well. I'll be checking it out regularly.

Rest In Peace Heath Ledger
You will be Never forgotten


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