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Heath's resolution
From: By Sydney Confidential's Fiona Connolly
January 09, 2006
AS Heath Ledger stares down the barrel of an Academy Award, he admitted yesterday it is time to grow up and stop the brat behaviour.

A new and improved version of the 26-year-old star phoned The Daily Telegraph, hoping to wipe the slate clean, conceding his behaviour in the past has been "out of line".
He said he is hurt and embarrassed by claims he spat at waiting media and by a report last week that his uncle spat in the face of a photographer.

"It's disgusting and awful. I would never in a million years do anything like that," a polite and softly spoken Ledger said yesterday.

"I'm not some sort of dirty spitter."

It appears fatherhood has softened the actor, who said he is trying hard to bite his tongue and keep his anger with photographers at bay.

"I'm trying to get by back here and live a nice polite life with my family," he said of his new baby Matilda and girlfriend, actor Michelle Williams.

"I'm learning to deal with it a bit better, I think I am."

Throwing eggs at photographers, hurling abuse and his old favourite, the middle-finger salute, is about to become a thing of the past, he said.
"That's been my problem. It's not necessarily a tantrum thing but it's a really bad way in which I've handled myself in the past.

"I can admit it's a little out of line to pull the finger out and I'm trying not to do that anymore. I'm trying to bite my finger these days."

Ledger was responding to recent reports his uncle spat in the face of paparazzi photographer David Morgan and earlier reports he had spat at a Daily Telegraph reporter.

Morgan claims he was waiting outside Ledger's house last week when a man approached him, threatened him and spat into his face.

"That was Neil, my uncle. He's a 58-year-old man, a very dignified man - by no means did Neil ever threaten to fight him, nor did he spit on him.

"It's disgusting to spit on anyone. And it's really embarrassing to be linked to something like this."

Morgan stood by his story yesterday and called for an apology.

Ledger also spoke about an incident on the set of Candy last March, when he spat on a car with a Daily Telegraph reporter and photographer inside before hiding his face with his skateboard.

The Telegraph crew stood by the allegations yesterday.

Ledger strongly denied that incident yesterday.

"I felt really embarrassed by that too because it just didn't happen. I'm not this filthy spitting person. It's really upsetting."

"It's blown up now so that I look like I have this gang of friends that all spit at people. I'm not like that. I wouldn't do that in a million years.

"It just hurts you know."

The international spotlight is now on Ledger and while the prospect of being nominated for an Academy Award looms, he said his new family meant more to him than any award.

"It's funny when you have a beautiful new child and your life takes on such a different meaning, those sort of things don't matter so much," he said.

He has already picked up the two precursors to an Oscar nomination, a Golden Globe nomination and a Screen Actors Guild award nomination for Brokeback Mountain.

"Yeah, it's good. But I'm really happy for Michelle actually," he said.

The former Dawson's Creek actress was also nominated for a SAG award for her role in Brokeback Mountain, catapulting the pair on to the brink of becoming Hollywood's hottest couple.

Rest In Peace Heath Ledger
You will be Never forgotten
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