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Craig Kilborn Interview

Craig Kilborn: From Australia, here's Heath Ledger!

Heath enters, wearing a dark blue, v-neck t-shirt and black pants. His hair is cut short and blonde. He shakes Craig's hand, sits down and looks behind chair.

CK: So, I understand, thank you for doing the show, I understand you're huge down in Australia.

HL: Huge! (Laughs) No, I'm not huge.

CK: No, I mean, no, are you bigger than Paul Hogan?

HL: Umm, yeah, I'm a little taller than him, like by 3 inches. (Laughs) But, no, he's huge; he's big in Australia.

CK: Is Air Supply still big there? Remember Air Supply, in the 80's? (Heath makes a funny face) That's what we got, that's what we remember.

HL: In the 80's, I think. (Laughs)

CK: What are they doing now?

HL: I don't know. I haven't heard any of their latest stuff. Are they doing any latest stuff?

CK: I mean, are they working? Are they still living there? Are they royalty there?

HL: I don't know. I don't think, I don't think their (unintelligible) ...but I think they're royalty. (smiles)

CK: One more question about it. Elle McPherson. Is she huge down there?

HL: Yeah.

CK: She is?

HL: She's huge here, right?

CK: Yeah, yeah. (Heath looks at the camera and nods, smiles and raises one eyebrow) She's got a little attitude.

HL: Hmmm?

CK: She has a little attitude? Is she a nice lady?

HL: I don't know. I haven't met her. I'd like to, but you know, I haven't met her.

CK: Uhhh, tell me about growing up. You grew up in Perth.

HL: Yeah. (reaches around behind chair and picks up coffee cup)

CK: Is that...

HL: It's the most isolated city in the world. It's on the furthest west coast of Australia.

CK: And what do you do there for fun?

HL: (Heath starts to answer) Umm, aaahh, pssshht...I got outta there! (laughs) I moved to Sydney. No, for fun? Umm, I don't know, the usual stuff.

(This line unintelligible)

CK: I understand...Oh, are you all right there? (Heath's coffee cup appears to be leaking) Look at this, look at this. We've got a Late, Late Show t-shirt. You can just mop that up.

HL: Alright! Thank you. (Wipes off cup, laughs)

CK: Tell me about...tell me about uh, I understand...(Heath takes a drink and laughs) the marsupials are there in Australia. These are animals with pouches.

HL: Kangaroos (Nods head)

CK: Kangaroos.

HL: Yeah, yeah, we have gray kangaroos which are like harmless. They're like little pets. My dad's got a pet kangaroo right now. (shakes head)

CK: Instead of a dog?

HL: It's the first time in my life I can actually say, "Yeah, I got a pet kangaroo." (Laughs) And then you've got the red kangaroos, which are like seven feet tall. You know, they can kill you... If you want to fight one.

CK: There's a 7-foot tall kangaroo, it's called a red kangaroo...?

HL: Correct.

CK: And they kill people? Or are you joking? (Shows a picture of two red kangaroos, fighting)

HL: Well, (laughs) if you step in the ring with a 7-foot kangaroo...

CK: Let me see that again. (Shows picture of red kangaroos again) Those are...…One's up on its tail. Is that a real picture? Do they do that?

HL: Yeah, yeah. They actually box together when they fight. They box when they're fighting over a female roo, they box each other. They stand on their tails and they kick with their feet and punch with their fists.

CK: And how do they, how they kill people? Do they...

HL: Well, you know what's been killing people more than like fighting roos is when people have been driving across the country and they hit a kangaroo, it flips up through the windscreen and they've got really strong legs because they jump, they've got big claws and when they come through the windscreen, they panic and they just kick and they've been ripping people...(Heath talks with his hands all through this description)

CK: Oh my god.

HL: ...and decapitating people. (starts to laugh)

CK: See, I always thought they just hopped around and they were fun, but they're attacking cars and people.

HL: No, (laughing) they're not attacking cars, the cars are attacking them and from that they're scared and you know, they kill people. But, they're friendly, I suppose. The little gray ones are friendly. (Smiles)

CK: That is so wild. (Shows a picture of a gray kangaroo on it's back) Uhh, you play sports down there? Oh, there's one. Is that a gray one? What is that?

HL: I don't know, that's a gray one. (Takes a drink from cup)

CK: Tell me, do you play any sports down there?

HL: Yeah, well the biggest sport in Australia is Aussie rules football and it's like a mixture between soccer, say, and rugby, do you know what rugby is? Yeah...

CK: pads.

HL: It's rough, no pads, full contact. It's a huge oval field, 150 feet from one end to the other and you've got to kick the ball between, there's 4 posts and you get it through the middle ones, and it's like six points. You get it through the outside one, it's two.

CK: And you have to, these guys, like these soccer players in Europe, they drink a lot. Do you have to drink a lot to play these order not feel pain, you have to be numb?

HL: (Laughing) Yeah, you have to drink Foster's.

CK: Is that what it is?

HL: Yeah, actually, no! Foster's, we don't drink Foster's. It's marketed as like, the Australian beer. I've never...

CK: This bothers you.

HL: It bothers me! (laughs)

CK: So, is it just an American thing then, Foster's?

HL: Yeah, I think it's just a marketing thing. In London they think we drink Foster's. But we drink VB. That's our beer. (winks)

CK: I've never heard of it.

HL: I know! (laughs)

CK: But is it good though?

HL: Yeah, it's a good beer.

CK: It's strong then? See, American beer is not that strong , is it?

HL: Uhh, I don't know. I mean what...Budweiser is like, is that the nationwide beer here?

CK: Yeah, yeah. I think they're our sponsors...(joking)

HL: I've never drank that...OH! It's good. I like Bud Light! Yeah. (laughing)

CK: Hey! Did they tell ya, did they tell you about Buzzword?

HL: Yeah...(seems not sure)

CK: We're gonna play Buzzword and I tell you, you're gonna play for that t-shirt.

HL: Oh.

CK: That you got all wet.

HL: The one I wiped up the drink with. (laughs)

CK: Close your eyes...It's just like Password, which I'm sure you watched growing up in Australia. (Craig has a small black mask on a stick that he holds over Heath's eyes.)

ONSCREEN: Buzzword. The buzzword is...Mate. (Heath laughs)

CK: OK, ready and here we go. (removes mask) I'll give you a one-word clue and you try to think of what I'm saying.

HL: All right.

CK: Breed.

HL: (makes a face) Uhhh, oh, uhhh, pedigree. (laughs)

CK: No, all right, that's all right. Uhhh, buddy.

HL: Friend.

CK: (can't make out what word he says)

HL: Mate?

CK: Yes! I'm very proud of you. (Heath claps and smiles) Very nice and you can keep that t-shirt.

HL: Thanks. (laughs)

CK: The movie is called 10 Things I Hate About You. It's already out. A big hand for Heath Ledger.

HL: Thank you.

Rest In Peace Heath Ledger
You will be Never forgotten
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