Who the hell is Heath Ledger anyway?

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Who the hell is Heath Ledger anyway? Empty Who the hell is Heath Ledger anyway?

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Who the hell is Heath Ledger anyway?

Heath Ledger, 20, has hit Hollywood like a ton of bricks. So does that mean the rising star from Perth has handed in his surfboard for a ticket to the LA spotlight scene? Absolutely not. While LA's in his view, Australia's in his heart.

After starting out in musical theatre at 12, Heath was barely 17 when he headed east to Sydney to make his screen debut in the TV drama Sweat and try his talent in two Aussie films.

But perhaps his biggest claim to fame was sharing the screen with then-unknown actress named Keri Russell (Felicity) in the sitcom Roar. While the show was soon cancelled, it didn't stop Heath's crazy rise.

Now, 10 Things I hate About You forcing him into the limelight and Two Hands undoubtedly keeping him there, Heath Ledger is saddling up to the challenge of being Hollywood's next big thing-and doing it in style.

Has the fame sunk in yet?
Life has just been normal- other than the fact that it's made the auditioning process a little easier for getting jobs.

You sound American now.
I do? Over here I don't. It's because I have to do this every day over here to get a job. I'm always reading for American movies.

Do you think you'll come here?
Yeah. I live here.

So you won't live in Hollywood forever?
I don't think so. It's fun here, but only while I establish myself. I love Sydney- there's a lot I miss about it.

What do you miss most?
I miss the beach, I miss Bondi, I miss my friends. There's something special in the air in Australia.

Have you schmoozed with any cool celebrities?
Yeah, you meet them, hang out- and discover they're normal people.

Who have you met so far?
If you want names, as far as people I've read with for work- Matt Damon, Nicole Kidman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Catherine Zeta Jones, Renee Zellweger, Mel Gibson.

How did you get the part in Mel Gibson's new flick, The Patriot?
It was just the usual auditioning process. I went in there and did the audition in front of the director and the producers and the casting agents.

So you hadn't even met Mel then?
No, but after the screen test he came to the studio and they put us in front of the camera together. It was a bit awkward, because I was as nervous as hell, but he was cool about it.

Did he kind of take you under his wing as a fellow Australian?
He didn't have any influence in the casting, but I'm looking forward to getting to know him over the four months we're shooting together.

What's up after The Patriot?
There are a few different things, but nothing is signed and sealed yet.

Is there anyone who you are dying to work with?
Yeah, but it's people who are dead that I'm dying to work with! Nah, there are a lot of actors I'd love to work with. My favorites are Ed Norton and Jack Nicholson.

What about actresses?
Angelina Jolie is fantastic. And I was lucky to work with Julia Stiles, too.

Do you ever get nervous when you have to do an on-screen kiss?
No. You just do the scene and try to give the kiss a reason behind it.

Who's been the best kiss so far?
Keri Russell was a good kiss. We worked together a fair bit on Roar.

Is it strange that she's a star now?
Not strange, because it was coming. She's an extremely beautiful girl she's intelligent, she can act, and she's very professional.

What do you look for in a role?
At the end of the day, I just want to tell a story. I'm a storyteller. I get up there and I want to transport people to different places.

Would you do a blockbuster that's more focused on the special effects than the story?
Nah. There are a lot of blockbuster, special-effect movies, but at the end of the day, it has to be about acting.

Would you have done Titanic?
It's been done, but Titanic 2! Titanic was about acting. Kate Winslet was fantastic. Actually, she can go on my actress list. She's one of the greatest.

You'll have to work with her.

Rest In Peace Heath Ledger
You will be Never forgotten
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