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BigHit Interview

Sure heís a big Hollywood star, but Australiaís own Heath Ledger admits that he really does miss his hometown. When he popped back into Sydney recently to promote his lead role of William in the romantic comedy A Knightís Tale, Big Hit grabbed him to find out more about his tattoos, cars and Vegemite!

Was A Knightís Tale a tough film to make?

It was mainly physically challenging. The accent was easy because I didnít have an accent coach, and there was no specific accent. The director [Brian Helgeland] said, ĎYou can just do what ever you want.í

So, why didnít you do an Aussie accent?

I just didnít feel comfortable. Up until I first turned up on set, he was like, ĎYeah, weíre just going to keep whatever accents.í I turned up and everyone was using an English accent, I was like, ĎBrian!í Heís like, I donít know man! Just do whatever you want.í So, I just did an accent, I donít know what it is, itís kind of English, whateverÖ.

With an Australian twang here and there.

Yeah, itís whatever. Thatís the beauty about the movie, itís not historically correct. Itís not limited by truths and facts. They blasted down that barrier with the rock Ďní roll music. It just sets it up.

Would you like to come back and work in Australia?

Yes. Itís all depending on the material and the scripts. Yeah sure, if there is something I really want to.

Is there anything you miss about Australia when youíre away for so long?

Like Vegemite? Yeah, my family send it over. I miss my family. The beach. All the good things.

Once when you came home you brought your 10 Tings I Hate About You co-star Andrew Keegan, and this time it was Heather Graham [Heath and Heather split when they returned to the US]. Is anyone else begging you to bring them to Oz?

Um, Yeah, definitely my friends want to come out and see the place, for sure. I tell them everything that you already know Ė itís a wonderful place and itís the best-kept secret. Come and share it with me. The green grass, blue sky, Vegemite. (laughs)

Is dating an American different from dating an Australian?

I donít know. I think itís so easy to categorise Americans and itís so much fun. (Laughs)

LA isnít really America. Itís Mars in comparison! I love American people. Most of my friends are American people professionally.

Do you read any of the gossip stuff?

No, but I think a lot of it is funny. Itís hilarious.

What have you heard? Is it true that Heather went to a tarot card reader and dragged you along?

No, that isnít true and I didnít buy her earrings and she wasnít disappointed that it wasnít a ring. No, thatís not true either. Thereís a bunch of stuff and I hear about them just through friends. They ring me up and we laugh about it. You have to find comedy in it, because people are funny.

Is that a real tattoo [Heath has a black and white tattoo on his left biceps]?

What is it?

Itís the centre of the universe.

Thatís very cool. Did you design it yourself?


Whatís on your other biceps?

Well, thatís the sun, thatís the earth and that there is the moon.

Do you just have those tattoos?


Do you feel spiritually connected to the stars and the universe?

Yeah, I think thatís something we should all be interested in. Thatís the only solid truth we have!

Your face is everywhere on movie posters for this movie, how do you feel about that?

I donít take it all on. Iím really very good at slagging off and not thinking about this industry. I do it everyday. I just donít think about it. I donít worry about it, I donít believe anything that I read good or bad. I just really hold onto the truth, my own truths, and thatís all I want to live by.

Are you into Hollywoodís glitzy party scene?

(Shakes his head). Just look at the way Iím dressed! What do you think?

Rest In Peace Heath Ledger
You will be Never forgotten
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