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Heath Ledger Hi everyone - thanks for coming

Interviewer How has your role in '10 Things I Hate About You' helped your career so far?

Heath Ledger Well it's put me in a league of actors that I wasn't in beforehand and it means I can get in other auditions for bigger projects. It always helps to have a movie out there because people get to see both your audition and you on the big screen doing your stuff - basically it just helps you get in the door to the next opportunity.

Interviewer katarina: hi Heath how r u? Did you like filming the movie 10 Thing I hate about you

Heath Ledger No I hated it!!! Yes it was fantastic I made really good friends with the cast they're all really great people - it was a lot of fun. It was like Summer Camp.

Interviewer Did you get the star treatment on set like your own trailer?

Interviewer What is the star treatment?

Heath Ledger Yeah I had my own trailer and they try to give you the Star treatment but I kind of shied away from it. Ha - basically the Star Treatment is when they have ADS running around for you not letting you make a coffee for yourself - really stupid things. All this feels like Star Treatment.

Interviewer smurfet: hey Heath why did u chose to be a actor??

Heath Ledger I didn't I was chosen. I just started doing it as a kid as a hobby and a passion and the next thing I blinked and it was an occupation - it just has kind of happened as something I get paid for.

Interviewer How did you find working with American actors?

Heath Ledger I found it just the same as working with Australian Actors - I think the industry is the same all over the world you have your pain in the arses and you're good people. They were really nice and are now good friends of mine still.

Interviewer lara: hey Heath what do u like better America or Australia???

Heath Ledger Australia

Interviewer HEATHSCHICK: Heath I was wondering if you smoke in real life?

Heath Ledger No - I quit a couple of weeks ago actually. I used to, not any more because it's bad for you.

Interviewer Are you working out for your next role as Mel Gibson's son?

Heath Ledger Yeah I am working out - I've been working out for the last month or so - I've been just up and down Malibu beach. Basically for mental fitness - you've got to be mentally fit to get physically fit.

Interviewer Is that difficult for you? on a strict diet & training?

Heath Ledger Um yes - the diet is difficult because I've cut out carbohydrates completely. I'm just eating protein and fish - which sucks. On one day of the week I get to eat what I want and I don't get to drink Alcohol either. I'm only doing this for another 3 weeks - tomorrow the Premiere is my day off so I get to drink at the party!!

Interviewer SOLASTUAN: Heath what is the pattern on your leather wrist strap?

Heath Ledger I couldn't tell you cos I've got more than one!

Interviewer SOLASTUAN: Heath What is it like to work with Rose (Byrne) your co-star in Two Hands?

Heath Ledger It was alot of fun - we're really good friends - she's a really sweet girl and a wonderful actor. She's fantastic.

Interviewer How did you get the role in 10 Things I hate About You? Tell us about the role.

Heath Ledger I stole it!! I auditioned I went through the auditioning process amongst a bunch of other kids and somehow got it. It's basically an adaptation of Shakespeare's Petruchio - it's set in high school so because he's in high school I couldn't make him drunk on liquor he's more or less drunk on life and it's a Disney film.

Interviewer HEATHSCHICK: Heath do you have a girlfriend?

Heath Ledger No - I don't.

Interviewer katarina: how would you describe yourself in real life

Heath Ledger Well - um .. very patient and relaxed. Nothing really bothers me.

Interviewer SOLASTUAN: Heath does all the attention and questions like do you have a girlfriend sometimes get annoying, wouldn't you just rather act?

Heath Ledger Thanks for your question - yes but it's still kind of fun and it is part of the job that you have to accept. But yes, the only time I feel like I'm working is when I'm not in front of the camera and I'm either trying to get a job or promoting a job. It's all play when I'm in front of the camera.

Interviewer salle: Heath I'm sure a lot of the young girls on here just got very excited with your answer to the girlfriend question, what do you look for in a girlfriend

Heath Ledger that's a hard question - that's all I can say.

Interviewer When you are not on a special diet, what do you like to eat and drink?

Heath Ledger Everything!!!!

Interviewer Will Two Hands help your career and what direction will it take you?

Heath Ledger Yes it will help my Career - I don't know because the only time I ever really think about where my life is going or what direction it's taking me is when people ask me questions like that!

Interviewer What was it like working with Bryan Brown?

Heath Ledger Um - it was good. I've never worked with someone of that calibre before so it was quite exciting and I learn't alot from him in a lot of different ways.

Interviewer sweetgal: Heath what colour is your real hair

Heath Ledger I don't know - I've forgotten.

Interviewer Do you have a professional role model or which actors do you like most?

Heath Ledger Um - I have a very long list of actors I admire. As for a role model I think my role model would be my Father.

Interviewer SOLASTUAN: Heath: what director (alive now) would you most like to work with and why?

Heath Ledger Terrence Malick - well because I'm into visual poetry and he's a visual poet.

Interviewer In film, do you think the writer is as important as the director?

Heath Ledger Absolutely - I think you can't make a good movie with a bad script and a good director - nor a bad Director and a good script - you need to find chemistry amongst the whole unit as well as actors. All units are important. If the script's not good it will never get put into development.

Interviewer You're working with Mel Gibson next. Is that someone that you've always wanted to work with & admired?

Heath Ledger I've always admired him for being the one who let us know that we could expand our audience to an international range. I've always dreamt of working with him. Here's my opportunity served up to me right now - it's make or break!

Interviewer Tell us about the character you play as Mel's son?

Heath Ledger Um well it's the traditional Father, Son story where the young son reaches 18 and figures he's got his own rules and opinions to life. He takes off against his father's will to fight for Patriotism. He learns the hard way until his Father joins him in the War and they battle it out together. It's a sad movie - but a triumphant one.

Interviewer What accent will you have for this role?

Heath Ledger A standard American accent.

Interviewer katarina: Heath how did you feel after knowing you beat Joshua Jackson and Elija woods to get the part in the patriot

Heath Ledger I never really thought about it I was too excited about the opportunity of working again.

Interviewer SOLASTUAN: Heath any news yet about when Two hands will be released in the USA?

Heath Ledger No news yet. Coming soon...

Interviewer HEATHSCHICK: Have you met Mel Gibson's children?

Heath Ledger No - not yet.

Interviewer smurfet: hey Heath would u like to write a movie sometime???

Heath Ledger I've written a few already and a few short films. But nothing that I would want to put into production as of yet.

Interviewer What vices do you enjoy?

Heath Ledger Unfortunately Fat and Protein at the moment

Interviewer sweetgal: hey Heath when was your first kiss

Heath Ledger I was 9 and it was with a really good friend of mine - we're still the best of mates, she's a girl from Perth.

Interviewer HEATHSCHICK: DO you have any favourite rock bands at the moment???

Heath Ledger Well Beck is my favourite Artist of the moment. A really good album at the moment is the new Chili Peppers album - other than that I've got a really eclectic range of music my CD carrier never leaves my side.

Interviewer STUNNERS: where about in Perth did you live, did you go to the academy of performing arts?

Heath Ledger I lived all over the place - my Parents moved to a lot of different suburbs I didn't go to the Academy - Applecross, Kalamunda, Madavale, Jane Brook, Cloverdale, Rivervale.

Interviewer BEAUTIFULSTRANGER: Do you think its important for Australian actors to go overseas to make it big?

Heath Ledger No it's not important - it depends if it's important to you to be big or not. You just follow however or where ever life takes you.

Interviewer What do you like to do to when relaxing?

Heath Ledger I'm completely relaxed when I have my good friends with me - I could do anything as long as my friends are with me.

Interviewer Are you on the internet and what do you think about its impact?

Heath Ledger yes - it's scary.

Interviewer Thank you very much for joining us Heath

Interviewer We wish you a great stay in Australia and all the very best for the Two Hands Premiere tonight

Heath Ledger Thank you and sending all my love out to everyone - peace!
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Rest In Peace Heath Ledger
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