Heath Ledger hinted at his stressful life in voicemail message

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Heath Ledger hinted at his stressful life in voicemail message

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Heath Ledger hinted at his stressful life in voicemail message

Heath LedgerTragic Heath Ledger hinted at his stressful life in a voicemail message left late last month.

The Brokeback Mountain star thanked a paper in his hometown of Perth, Australia, for giving him privacy to enjoy the festive season on an “incredibly therapeutic and much-needed trip home”.

He called The West Australian paper’s film editor Mark Naglazas on December 30 to express his thanks.

And he told Naglazas he was looking forward to speaking to him after the release of the new Batman movie, in which he plays The Joker.

Heath introduced himself as “Katie’s brother” in the voicemail, in which he also speaks about his love for Perth.

He said: “Hey Mark, it’s Heath again, Katie’s brother.

“Yes, listen, if I don’t catch you, ’cause I leave soon, basically I don’t have anyone else to call, and I thought, as I’ve spoken to you before, I thought I’d ring up and just send some thanks out there to the peeps at The West Australian and The Sunday Times and everyone in Perth in general.

“I don’t know whether it’s a conscious thing or an unconscious thing, giving me space and respecting my privacy.

“It’s just been awesome, and I’ve had the most beautiful time back here and being able to see all my friends and family, let alone the press and the people within the community of Perth, it’s been so lovely.

“It’s really enabled me to be a boy again from home and feel like I’d never left.

“Like I said, I’m not sure whether it’s a conscious decision on the paper’s part or not to kind of give me this space, but they have, and I truly, truly thank them for it, and it makes my life a life when I come back here.

“I know you’re probably not the man to print this, but you can certainly pass this on to your compatriots, and that’s really it, just sending my love and thanks to the city of Perth because it’s truly been an incredibly therapeutic and a much-needed trip home, and just that little touch has made it all that more special to me.

“So feel free to use this message as my interview as such, and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and certainly a Happy New Year.

“If I don’t speak to you before I leave, I will no doubt be talking to you probably next year when Batman comes out - and Batman goes down in fact.

“Thanks for listening to my longwinded message - like I said, feel free to use it and pass it on to someone who can type it out, and thanks again.

“OK, bye bye.”

By Iain Burchell, Jan 25 2008 © Copyright 2008 - Showbiz Spy

Rest In Peace Heath Ledger
You will be Never forgotten


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