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WB CHAT, 4/6/99
WB Host says: Welcome to Cybertalk! Our online auditorium consists of 2 areas, the stage and the auditorium where you guys are. To ask questions, simply type /ask and then your question! Tonight we are pleased to welcome Heath Ledger to our online auditorium! Heath stars in the Touchstone film, "10 Things I Hate About You" and also starred in the TV series "Roar." Heath may be joined tonight by Andrew Keegan calling in from the set! Thanks for joining us Heath!
HeathLedger says: Hello world! Tis me, Heath!
SolasTuan asks: hi Heath I hope you had a good birthday, If someone decided to make a film Based on "Roar" would you consider being Conor?
HeathLedger says: I'd consider it, but I'm not sure if I'd do it...tho it would be a lot of fun!
SolasTuan asks: of all the roles you have played in all the films/TVshows/plays which did you enjoy the most?
HeathLedger says: Probably Jimmy in Two Hands, an Australian movie I did.... but that runs close with Patrick from 10 Things...
RoarFan asks: Do you sing professionally? You sang Can't take my eyes off you really Well!!!
HeathLedger says: Um...no. well, you could say I do as an actor for movies. But I've never been paid to sing before that. Thank you tho!
Bellystar asks: hi heath...i wanted to know what appealed to you about the scrip of 10 things i hate about you?
HeathLedger says: I just think..I loved taming of the Shrew, and always wanted to play Petrucchio, and this was the closets I could get. And also the characters journey. He had many barriers to overcome, and wasn't one-dimensional.
SolasTuan asks: you said that in the paintball scene Julia Stiles was a bad shot... how were you?
HeathLedger says: Damn Good! She was a good shot tho, I was joking - she got me a few times real good.
RoarFan asks: Hey Heath. I was wondering what you like to do in your spare time (if any).
HeathLedger says: I like to get outside as much as possible. usually, I have a group of friends I travel with and we try to get to the desert region of the hills. We try to go horseriding alot.
OreoPassion asks: Can we expect to see you in any upcoming movies?
HeathLedger says: Most certainly... right now it's undercover. Keep an eye out for me.
Dancer3 asks: Hi, were you friends with any of the actors before you did the movie?
HeathLedger says: No - I didn't know anyone, or what anyone looked like. I just came straight off Two Hands in Sydney, and I wasn't there for rehearsal..... And they also had no idea what I looked like, so we became friends quickly.
SolasTuan asks: I've noticed a Leather strap thingy on your wrist in many photos and films? what is the significance of this?
HeathLedger says: First of all, good eye! Second, it goes All the way back to ROAR when Vera (who played Catlin) bought one for each ROAR actor.. and it's kinda me, so it stuck.
Dancer3 asks: I loved 10 Things I hate about you! It was the bomb movie!
SolasTuan asks: when you did Blackrock did you research the real case of Leigh leigh at all?
HeathLedger says: Not really, Nick wanted to steer away from it being that story, so we tried to stay in the script & the movie in terms of respect for the Leigh Leigh family
CGA asks: What is your favorite type of Jelly Belly?
HeathLedger says: I don't eat them.
OreoPassion asks: Do people recognize you in public and do they ask for autographs?
HeathLedger says: No, b/c I have short blonde hair now.
auroraskye asks: hi heath! you were great in 10 things.., i was wondering if you like your hair better blond or brown
HeathLedger says: I think Blonde, but it doesn't bother me.
HeathLedger says: What do you think?[/b]
-HeathFan1- asks: I'm you're biggest fan! I have posters of you all over my room! Does that bother you that people have pictures and posters of you hanging in their rooms?
HeathLedger says: Not really. It rarely dawns on me that they do. I didn't even know there WERE posters of me..what are they?
WB Host says: Everybody is saying they like the blonde better, Heath!
HeathLedger says: Blonde it Is!
CrUnKgUrL69 asks: i saw you on mtv's spring break for just a second...did you stay fot a long time or just for a day or two?!?
HeathLedger says: I was there for three nights, and basically sat by the ocean.
SolasTuan asks: Heath thankyou for being you, don't ever change
HeathLedger says: Wow!
SarahK asks: so, who in "the business" are you dying to work with?
HeathLedger says: I don't know what to say..thank you. That's a difficult question, there are so many people. Jack Nicholson to Meryl Streep.... Anyone who wants to work with me.
SolasTuan asks: were you kidding when you said your dad had a Kangaroo, I have some friends with Wallabies but not Kangaroos
HeathLedger says: No, I wasn't kidding. It's cool b/c since I've moved to America so many people ask if I have a pet kangaroo, and now I can say yes. But I didn't ride one to school
CGA asks: What is your favorite movie of all time?
HeathLedger says: Children of Paradise. But there are a dozen or so I love. It's a French Film, directed by Marcel Cann
SolasTuan asks: I've been hanging out for Two Hands for nearly half a year can you tell us something about it? (I can't wait until may 20th!)
HeathLedger says: Basically, it's a black comedy set around Gangster life in Sydney Australia. My character gets himself into this, and out of it by fallling in love.... but, by the time he falls in love, it's too late.....Thus, we get the beginning of the film!
auroraskye asks: heath, is there an address where i can send fan mail to you?
HeathLedger says: Send it to me c/o CAA 9830 Wilshire Blvd Beverely Hills, CA 90212
girl13 asks: what did you usually do when you weren't in that particular scene they were taping?
HeathLedger says: Rest and Read, stretch and breate. I read Vladimar Kudakoff's Lolita. Kubrik did the movie.
RoarFan asks: Hey heath, When did you start acting and what advise do you give to someone who is starting in the buisness
HeathLedger says: I started when I was 10, my advice is to stay as honest and true to your instincts as possible. let it take you on a ride.
CutyGirl asks: do you have an official web sight or someplace i can go to find up-to-date info on you and stuff?
HeathLedger says: extra has the current info, www.extratv.com
WonderKate asks: was it sad when the movie was done filming?
HeathLedger says: Yes, extremely. But, it was also exciting b/c we knew it would be in front of your eyes soon. It's always sad to be a family like that, a reoccuring thing in this industry.
missy12 asks: what is your dream car?
HeathLedger says: One with no wheels! I don't have a car, I ride a horse!
EileenSlattery asks: Thank you for being such a good person. You seem to be not only a talented actor, but also a true sweetie! Thanks for being you!
HeathLedger says: Wow....Thanks!
OreoPassion asks: Do you like working on t.v. or in movies better?
HeathLedger says: Movies...only b/c I prefer to have the time to buy the canvas, select the paint, and create a masterpiece rather than doing a comic book.
CutyGirl asks: how long did it take to film the movie?
HeathLedger says: 8 weeks. A quick shoot.
OreoPassion asks: If you could describe yourself in one word, which word would you choose?
HeathLedger says: Now.
WB Host says: Yes, you can answer now. Just kidding.
galit16 asks: first off, i think you're one of the most talented actors i've ever had the privilege of watching. now that you're famous in america, what do you think will change in your life?
HeathLedger says: I think you answered your own question...it's the same, all a little new for young Heathy.
Teddy Bearz asks: what is your horses name?
HeathLedger says: I don't have one! But if I did, it's be called far lap!
OreoPassion asks: Do you have a favorite band/singer?
HeathLedger says: Singer: Beck. band: I suppose most of my teens I listened to U2 records.
WB Host says: We have time for a couple more questions tonight!
RoarFan asks: Hey heath, I was wondering who some of your inspirations are. And if there are any actors you want to work with
HeathLedger says: Gene Kelly, Judy Garland, Bob Fossey, Stanley Kubrick. Katherine hepburn, Nicholson, and of course Marcel Cann!
WB Host says: Our last question for tonight...
Lindseygirl asks: what type of role do you want to take next?
HeathLedger says: One that makes them Happy! Nothing in particular, whatever interests me...It's hard to answer. When I know it I'll see it. Thank you, and I love you all. Peace!
WB Host says: Well, I want to thank all of you for joining us tonight, and a special thanks to Heath for taking the time!
HeathLedger says: Thanks again! Peace!
WB Host says: That wraps it up for another edition of Cybertalk!

Rest In Peace Heath Ledger
You will be Never forgotten
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