Heath Movie that gave us the meaning of love.

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Heath Movie that gave us the meaning of love. Empty Heath Movie that gave us the meaning of love.

Post  white_angel on Wed Mar 12, 2008 4:41 pm

So many movies Heath Ledger made. with different roles he played in each one.
But the movie which made to remember the legend for his greatest role conveys love and emotion.

The movie without Jake Gyllenhall will never be a complete dose of emotional impact portrays their assignated characters par excellance!
All the cast from the biggest to the smallest crew gave all what they can give to make this movie of a lifetime.

The producers. directors. writers. authors did their part to their very best.
They were all beautiful people and minds behind the epic.

*Brokeback Mountain*

Heath Ledger is Heath Ledger.. there will be no other actor who could be Ennis del Mar.
Jake Gyllenhall is Jake Gyllenhall.. there is no other soulful eyes who could be Jack Twist.

The story of Ennis and Jack.... Brokeback Mountain.

There is only one like Heath who comes only in a hundred years.. maybe not!


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